We may overwhelmingly conclude that God did not create man to live independently of a close relationship with Him.  All attempts to do so end in tragedy.  When nothing’s real in your life, when you’ve reached bottom, when your marriage is sinking, when you can’t hold on any longer, when your strength is all used up, when you’re lonely and abandoned, when you have no more resources, when you’ve run out of excuses, when you need a fresh start, when you feel you can’t be forgiven nor can even forgive yourself, when you are flat broke, when no one is there to help you, when you’re not certain why you are here, when you need a fix or a drink, when your pain or shame seems more than you can bear, when there are only questions without answers, when you don’t know what direction to turn, when you feel like a failure, when you want to quit or die, when your health is broken, when you need a lover, when you’re ready to run away; then I Am Who I Am is the All-Sufficient One and He is freely offering Himself to you right now, just as you are.