I am experienced in, and open to, speaking or teaching at any of the following specific, or similar, institutions:

Recovery centers

Public/Catholic/private/Christian/home schools (grades 3-12 plus teachers, administration, and parents regardless of associated grade level)


Men’s groups

Summer camps and day camps

Home-school conventions

Retirement and assisted living centers

Adult education

Community groups and service clubs (including libraries, YMCAs and book clubs)

Christian colleges and campus Christian fellowships on secular colleges

Veteran’s homes, organizations, and USOs

Juvenile detention centers

Corporate H.R. motivational events

Military bases and training camps

Church, para-church, and missions organizations

Selected topic(s) may include any one or a combination of those delineated within Uncommon Character, especially: character, heroes, conservativism, mentors, “story”, change, and choice. 

To arrange an event on my calendar, please complete and submit the “Contact” form located on the “Respond” tab of the home page, or send an e-mail directly to contact@DougFeavel.com. With either choice, you will receive a timely response.