Refreshed and Expanded 3rd Edition available by or before June 1, 2020.

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More than 60,000 copies of Uncommon Character have been distributed to readers around the globe with many thousands circulated at no cost to targeted audiences within corrections institutions, overseas missions projects, and our fine men and women of active or retired military service.

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Soon after publication, Uncommon Character attained classic status within the non-profit marketplace and became the go-to text for character study courses. It explores the inspirational, true-life stories of ordinary and mostly unknown men and women who led extraordinary lives of exemplary, heroic character. It’s unlike any other book due to the dual advocacy on the redemptive value of stories and character.  Every chapter advocates making a positive impact on others and mastering the days we are given. Readers depart with an abiding conviction of the redeeming difference one committed life will make. No matter our past or where we find ourselves today, we are inspired to finish well. The author promises over three hundred pages full of powerful stories containing:

  • Inspiring truths about ordinary individuals regardless of gender, race, location, religion, or era
  • Lasting human – even eternal – values
  • Practical and ready applications (e.g. the consequence of choice)
  • Potential for retelling in a variety of situations and with assorted audiences
  • Memorable life lessons and parables worthy of sharing with family and friends

The publisher and author partner in an international outreach to distribute thousands of complimentary print and e-book editions of Uncommon Character to correctional institutes, recovery centers, youth villages, assisted living centers, military bases and USOs, veteran’s homes and hospitals, schools and education supporters, missions, and camps. These are the venues where the stories were developed as the author volunteered in them for a decade after his retirement. His purpose was to pay-back the grace he’d received while seeking release from ignorance, learning disabilities, and poverty.

Readers are encouraged to share the stories at home, school, church, and in the workplace (permissions already granted).  Uncommon Character also serves as a base text in character-building instruction and as supplemental material in a variety of other courses. Book requests are welcome via the author’s e-mail: for additional information, updates, and resources visit the author’s websites and
Endorsements and five-star ratings are gratifying assurances that Uncommon Character delivers all its promises for a rewarding and lasting reader experience.  The author states he sought a book of this nature for many years, but could not find it; so he wrote it utilizing equal parts heart, head, and life experience.  The subtle inspiration behind its creation, as well as woven throughout, was “to help others write their life-stories and then finish well”.

Copyright  2020 ~ Originally published in 2015 as A Storyteller’s Anthology

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