I was shocked when a support-Biden-for-president sign appeared in the front yard of an active and long-tenured Christian family living near me.  The neighbors, herein known under the covering “Brown”, profess to be those who are pro-life, tithers, committed to attending two to three church services weekly, and belonging to and/or teaching small group, Bible study, and Sunday School.  I’m not naive, so I know that many profess to be Christians and they are really, at best, occasional church-goers.  When those pseudos support unGodly causes, affiliate with questionable associations, and participate in spiritually unhealthy activities, there is no surprise and neither is there any analysis necessary.  Thus, when another Biden sign appeared in another neighbor’s yard, I was not surprised as they boldly resist all appearances of Christianity. But the Brown family syndrome does exceedingly justify careful review.

How do the Browns simultaneously hold and rectify such opposing worldviews?  In my studies of the past six months, I have found the support for my answer to that question.  It is within the books written by Francis Schaeffer, Nancy Pearcey, Dinesh D’Susza, and Chuck Colson as well as Dr. Dale Tackett’s “The Truth Project”.  It’s beyond the scope of my brief blog posting to outline their work.  Interested readers may easily pursue this on their own given that I have provided excellent leads.  

I will therefore limit my writing to simply providing the answer to my opening question.  The Browns might be saved through a onetime profession of Jesus as Savior, and that alone may define them as generally Christian in religious title within American society.  But they do not possess an abiding likeness to the mind and Spirit of Jesus as Lord of their lives — which is the only full and accurate definition of being a Christian.  They are living two separate and irreconcilable “truths”.  The Browns hold unequal portions of both a worldly worldview (not as redundant as it may sound) and a Biblical worldview.  The first they apply to everything except “church-time” related activity and the second they apply to “church-time” related activity only.  To restate: the elements of their life that have to do with job, philosophy, politics, family, education, relationships, social activities, science/health and so forth are all unrelated to the revealed Biblical truths from Genesis to Revelation.  The elements related to attending church activities are their special, walled-off portions of life that are reserved for God.  This sad and erroneous dichotomy is, of course, what Jesus and the writers of the New Testament spent so much of their time pointing out as double-minded and wholly inadequate.  Truth is not relative to the time or the situation or the desired outcome; truth is absolute, all-encompassing, and unchanging. Jesus said that He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

God does not want part of our lives, part of the time.  He wants and deserves it all, all of the time.  The right answer is an adoption of an all-encompassing Biblical worldview that applies first, last, and in-between to everything in life externally and internally, locally and globally.  There can be no partitions.  Once more: No partitions in either our thinking, our doing, or our voting.