Politically correct language pretends an empathy with freedom of speech while really denying it, thus practicing censorship equating to totalitarianism or deliberate obfuscation through the use of double-speak or Orwellian newspeak euphemisms. The primary intentions and outcomes of such speech are indoctrination and subjugation.

Political correctness should be relabeled cultural Marxism, because many of its adherents deliberately erode fundamental American and Christian values in favor of the communist values like those of the Frankfurt school of ideology. Politically correct speech is not practiced by, nor characteristic of, those holding traditional or conservative views, since they are known to continue endorsing what’s already proven by time and experience. Rather, it is widely and frequently employed by those advocating ultra-liberal, deconstructionist, elite progressive, and communist-leaning views. Proponents of P.C. speech use it to facilitate change, and subsequently intend to permanently secure the resulting change by acting as though it were, indeed, always the superior and natural order of life. Hypotheses and untruths are promoted as facts until they erroneously become accepted as facts. Existing and alternative ideas and speech are labeled with mean-spirited expressions such as ignorant, regressive, uneducated, curmudgeonly, and provincial in order to dismiss them as without credibility and thus deny them any further opportunity for expression or consideration. Free thinking and open dialog, continued research, dissent, and discussion are thereafter repressed and eliminated. Two sure signs of a weak concept or program are: first, if its existence or acceptance cannot withstand any competition; and second, if it’s dependent on the protection mustered by a rigid P.C. code encircling it like a thick fortress wall guaranteeing the restrictive presence of a “safe zone” with freedom from any vague “micro-aggressions”.

Politically correct concepts are aggressively enforced dogmatically on university campuses, and from their classrooms they filter into books, texts, journalism, newspapers, theses, literature, and K-12 education, and even into our laws, regulations, and courts. Politically correct methodology is frequently leveraged against proponents of, and topics pertaining to, creationism, pro-life, school vouchers, welfare alternatives, freedom of religious expression, traditional marriage, sexual morality, educational choice, natural gender differentiation, strict Constitutional construction, support for the State of Israel, absolute values, environmental issues, abstinence education, the Second Amendment, and anything relating to a Supreme Being.

Politically correct concepts are riddled with dogmatic contradictions, the only consistency being their lack of logic. Examples of their contradictions are: the rejection of Christianity as too religious, while embracing neo-paganism, atheism, humanism, Satanism, magic, and witchcraft – all of which are religious in nature and practice; rejection of the obvious proofs offered by a wondrous and complex universe or biological cell while embracing far-fetched and just-plain-silly alternative hypotheses as fact; and rejection of innocent, unborn human life while attempting to prolong the lives of convicted serial killers and protect endangered insects.