At a time when comic super-heroes are visible everywhere in popular culture, here’s a non-fiction book celebrating life’s true super-heroes.

Inspiration to assist readers with writing noble finishes to their life stories.

The short-stories are true, the protagonists are real, and the themes – dealing with choice, “story”, character, heroism, and change – are epic.

A most compelling read that touches lives in positive and enduring ways.  It was written to be cherished, re-read, and shared over a lifetime.

Inspiring true stories for a lifetime of cherishing, re-reading, and sharing.

Search, but you’ll never find another book like this one.

Heroes, choice, “story”, character and change — these aren’t just sterile academic concepts or over-marketed words.  These are the heart and soul of Uncommon Character where they attain new life in memorable ways.

There’s no risk associated with the purchase of this book because all the stories are audience pre-approved and proven through the many previous oral presentations. / Guaranteed interesting (inspirational) and exciting because the stories are audience pre-approved through previous oral presentations.

Part Flannery O’ Connor and part O. Henry–and like both, Uncommon Character contains carefully selected and crafted short-stories; but even better, the heroes within it are all real.

Long after you’ve read these fascinating stories, there’ll be reminiscences nearly guaranteed to stick in your head and to stir your heart well past being able to recall their titles or the author’s name.

In a public education system nearly devoid of positive stories and often accused of having dumbed-down standards, this book points the direction for restoring the balance required to regain a sound, well-rounded curriculum.

This is a compelling book.  You’ll want to stay with it till it’s fully read, then share it with others as you make plans to read it again.

An anthology that proves not every life worth knowing is already known.  The author discovered and celebrates little know men and women from a variety of times and places.  Each portrait is a treasure to internalize and to share.

Reads like great fiction, but better yet; it’s not (true)!

Here are role models for virtuous daily living.  They encourage us to stay the course, not to cut corners or compromise our values, and to hang tough until the victory.

The writer has spent countless hours researching hundreds of stories, but selected only the best couple dozen to detail for us in Uncommon Character.  His investment and hard work is an enduring gift to the reader.

These are stories about men and women whom we should get to know.  Most are unknown and little heralded.  But, that’s set to change when this revealing book fully hits the market.  It’s about everyday people like our friends and neighbors who have stepped out on principle or who rose by necessity to elevate themselves and help others through their uncompromising actions.

An entertaining (inspiring) and informative mix of history, self-help, biography, short-story literature, and social studies – all true to life.  The reader is consistently reminded that these experiences, these accomplishments, these emotions, could be personally acquired.

Stories that refuse to be read only once.  Don’t even try.

These are stories worth reading many times over.  Once is not enough.  You’ll be compelled to share them repeatedly with others.  Each is a timeless classic.

Uncommon Character is a book like no other available on the market.  The author presents little known people and situations while shining a deserving light on them.  Hopefully, the related oversights are now remedied.

This is a book about real people who rose above common prejudices and difficult circumstances.  We read about their successes, challenges, struggles, and oppositions.  What can this teach us?  It just may be the answer is nearly everything worth knowing about life.

If you’re looking for real heroes beyond the shallow dimensions of those in athletics, Hollywood, and music; this is the book—it’s well able to satisfy and inspire where the others cannot. / Real heroes able to satisfy and inspire where pop culture cannot.

Above all, it’s a storybook.  Consider anew if you believe stories are only for children or bedtime.  These stories – like all the great ones – contain the essence of human nature within captivating and memorable wrappings.

Feel like good character is on the decline or has taken a fatal hit in America, in our world? Uncommon Character will give you confidence; a lasting injection of adrenaline to restore your confidence in humanity.

This is not just another anthology of non-fiction short-stories.  It’s simply the best with its unique blend of heroic protagonists and its virtuous morals.  The world didn’t need another collection extolling the 100 most famous people of the last century.  With Uncommon Character, it got what it really needed and so much more.

Remember when life was fresh and exciting, when you were productive and creative?  Uncommon Character helps recapture that optimism – the positive emotions that things can go well again, the world can be set right, that you can make a difference.

With so much in life seemingly headed in the wrong direction, this book helps the reader regain faith in fellow man.  No matter the evil, discover that good really is overcoming.

Uncommon Character was oh so satisfying.  Is it a cliché to say it’s a “10”?  I’m ready for the sequel.  Bring it on.

The greater the evil and the challenge, the greater the good and the hero.

Some have ruefully felt history studies, current events, and biographies are too often dead or boring.  Now, it’s best to reserve the right to differ because Uncommon Character has the reader eagerly pursuing every gem inside, and then searching for more like them.

If social study textbooks were written more like Uncommon Character, it would be every student’s favorite subject.

From Jesus and Homer to Lincoln and Reagan, great stories have impacted lives and histories.  Here’s a collection that is certain to endure while proving the inherent power of story.

Life is full of regrets related to personal failures, miscalculations, and mistakes.  The protagonists of Uncommon Character all conclusively demonstrate that it isn’t over until it’s over; we can overcome our past, we can change, we can finish well.

The author says he’s seen incarcerated men cry as they were impacted by hearing some of these stories.  I believe it as I fought tears periodically during my read of Uncommon Character.

This book opens the door and welcomes us in to spend time with some very appealing people while we have the opportunity to examine their special attributes up close.  As we progress through the book, we can begin to relate to them – maybe, this could be us; perhaps their lives are holding a mirror up to ours.

What can be gleaned from reviewing the best heroic lives from the past and in the present?  As it turns out, a great deal of consequential truth is uncovered; and much of it is revelation of a personal and applicable nature.

Inspiration for writing a great finish to one’s life story.

For employees to be their best, values and virtues like motivation, integrity, dedication, altruism must become intrinsic. Uncommon Character takes you deep into the life of a couple dozen of the best role models for these traits that life has yielded.

This is a collection for those of us who love to read.  It appeals equally to advocates of fiction and non-fiction books.

Stories purposed to incorporate truth that reads better than good fiction.

There’s no risk associated with the purchase of this book because all the stories are audience pre-approved and tested through the many previous oral presentations.

Contains development on the power and nature of “story”, choice, heroism, change, and character.

Ordinary men and women who did the extraordinary.

The contents of this book can be summarized as inherent virtue and practical value.

A selection of stories incorporating truth that reads better than good fiction.

Nevermind the comic book superhero fad; presented here are two dozen real superheroes who lives leave a lasting impression.

These stories hold-up well to multiple, enjoyable readings.