What the readers are saying… (beginning with the oldest)

“This is a fascinating and wide-ranging look at unique individuals whose lives have significantly impacted the lives of others. The author has gathered together the details surrounding each life that are sure to inspire and speak to each of us today.”  —Jim Kregel, Kregel Parable Christian Stores–Grand Rapids/Grandville

“Told like the storytellers of a bygone era. Every story has a moral lesson to be added to the reader’s soul. Best read by firelight with cocoa.”  —Kim Frolander, Author of the Israel Basics Series

“The stories written by Doug come as no surprise to me as they reflect many of the same qualities I found in him. An evaluation of the years since my youth gives cause to opine that never in my lifetime has the need been greater for stories revealing people of great character and integrity. The body of classic literature long required has been omitted and subsequently, the character of many of our leaders gives evidence of these errors of omission.”  —David E. Henard, Author of Victory Stolen and Associate Vice-President Eastern Illinois University (Retired)

“Amidst this collection of stories of heroes lies courage and commitment, the silver threads which tie together people who want to make a difference.  Bank accounts have limits but there is no limit to what a life can do when wholeheartedly dedicated to its purpose of existence. The book’s crown jewel is that it encourages anyone looking for a hand to lead them off the sandy beach into the deeper meaningful waters of life”.   —Ray and Sharon Sanders, Co-Founders, Christian Friends of Israel – Jerusalem      

“Your book is excellent.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to be included.  I love the way you have transitioned from verbal stories into written form.  The book is classic and will be a great blessing to many.  Russel Stendal, Author, Radio Personality, and Missionary

“You certainly have a great vocabulary and are concise without losing meaning.  In fact, the gift of writing that God has given you enhances your descriptions.  I particularly enjoyed the emphasis on Christ-centered lives.  Any setting where you are involved in teaching these stories will result in people being blessed.”  Mike Adkins, Singer, Author and International Minister

“Beautiful reads when you need a little uplift, but don’t want a big book.  I have really enjoyed these when I sit down for a minute during the day.” Kindle E-book Review

5 Stars: “An excellent read, one of those that’ll keep you up late… one amazing chapter after another.  The inspirational stuff of ordinary people stepping up and doing extraordinary things worthy of our recognition.  Highly recommended for Christians and for people who have wondered, is this all there is, or can God use someone like me?  It’s about the dedication, drive, and faithfulness of everyday people that made them extraordinary.  5 stars — and wondering where are the other books like this??”  Bill Bennett, Amazon.com Review

I’ve been creating interest and discussion with the grandchildren as we read the book together.  The Bible references and Christian character (implied and explicit) give the work great depth. I was wowed by the research done. I’m recommending your book to everyone who will hear.” —Reader E-mail

“Five stars out of five stars.”  —Goodreads.com Review

“I truly enjoyed your book!  I did not want to put it down. The way you introduce the book and the way you write is superb. You wrote just like you think and talk…and it kept my attention. I want to order more copies as I have three grandchildren and would like to send each a copy. Thanks for producing a book about real lives and real people – you truly are a proverbial storyteller.”  —Reader E-mail

“I just finished a cover to cover read of your book. I couldn’t wait to share my appreciation for a job well done and for trying to finish well.  I was entertained, encouraged, motivated, informed, inspired, convicted and uplifted as initial responses to my reading and reflective experience.  I am impressed with the amount of research and internal thought-provoking analysis that comprised and consumed this endeavor. You are gifted by God and have used the gift of life that He has given you to honor Him and to challenge those whom He chooses to read it to become better human beings, citizens, and to reflect Him in a more positive light to the dark world we live in. Thank you for your efforts and God bless you and may your storytelling continue to produce fruit for the Kingdom.”  —Reader E-Mail

“I just finished reading the character portraits and want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.  I just could not put it down! It was thoroughly written, interesting, inspiring, and very obvious that you have spent countless hours of thought and research in preparation for this amazing book. Your book is akin to a medicine cabinet full of sure-fire solutions for most of our society’s ills.” —Reader E-Mail

“It’s an amazing book. A must-read for everyone. Five stars.”  —Kindle E-book Review

5 Stars: “A worthy anthology:  This is a worthwhile book full of interesting stories, and the author is unstinting in giving credit where it is due in terms of where he encountered these stories, which will give the reader many more books to read to gather details that the author did not include in order to keep this book at a reasonable size. The author deserves considerable praise for his desire to write about those who have often been unjustly ignored, and the stories, even if sometimes a bit heavy-handed in his storytelling approach, will merit reading and retelling for a hopefully wide and appreciative audience.  Five stars.”  —Amazon Print Review.

5 Stars: “Feavel takes 26 Inspiring Character Portraits For Our Time and arranges them in a way that answers some of the most important questions of our time, and leaves us with critical choices to make in light of these stories.  In the book’s introduction, he outlines the six criteria that each story in his collection meets – character, nonfiction, age, oral presentation, sticky-points, and heroes…. the criterion that stood out most to me was the first – character.  Feavel writes of character as, ‘demonstrating unselfish virtue and moral integrity in difficult circumstances.’ My MBA textbooks and professional self-development books talk about such character in terms of theory and application, but Feavel brings new life to the term in this collection of stories.  I found his book compelling, and the lessons and examples of faith, love, and hope illustrated in these stories to be timeless, inspiring, and memorable.  I appreciate Feavel for holding onto storytelling, and for helping his readers to remember this ‘antiquated’ art form.”  —Goodreads.com Print Review & Amazon Print Review

5 Stars: “If you love history and the telling of history, you will really enjoy the character portraits book.  If you are a Christian and love to hear stories with upstanding characters, good moral values, and stories that you yourself can learn from and pass on, then you will love this book.  I was not sure at first if I was going to enjoy the book because there is a large introduction chapter written that explains the 6 main criteria for the author’s selections of the 26 characters he chose to tell about. As much as I was tempted to just scan the introduction, I am glad I read it because knowing…the full process of his story selection made the stories that much more enjoyable.  What I really liked about this book is knowing that Feavel uses these stories to educate the public, including children in the public school system about our Christian roots without needing to be preachy. He uses stories to let children know that there is good and bad and a moral ground they can stand on and that heroes are never found on a movie screen with special effects exploding around them. They are in fact found in everyday people that do the right thing because it is the right thing to do and that our moral code giver, Jesus Christ, loves us.”  —Amazon.com Print Review

5 Stars: “This character study anthology is not a book that you should read fast. There’s too much to think about and digest. The individual stories themselves are not long, you can read through them quickly. I found myself not wanting to jump right into the next story; I wanted to let what I just read soak in a little. I have enjoyed all the stories I’ve read.  A couple of them I heard before but the majority were new to me. I like that with the well-known ones the author has added additional information; there is backstory and information about what happened after the events in the story…. A side benefit is that they have helped restore some of my faith in humanity that has gotten a beating lately with world circumstances.”   —Amazon.com Print Review

“I received the character stories book as a gift and I’m certainly enjoying it so much! Thanks for the inspiring and educational stories.  As I read one chapter I say it’s my favorite, then I read the next one and get a new favorite.  Well done!”  —Reader E-Mail

“I am on the last few pages of Uncommon Character and am very impressed with the book and your writing ability.  I have enjoyed each informative chapter.  I cannot imagine the countless hours of research you put into all the facts about each character. My husband plans to read it soon.  Thanks for the enjoyable time.”  —Reader E-Mail

5 Stars:  “Uncommon Character is a book that will stay with you and keep surfacing in your thoughts long after you finish reading it. The stories are relatable and easy to apply to our lives. To borrow what Douglas Feavel said , ‘Stories are our culture’s intellectual, emotional, educational, and spiritual DNA, because as they are transferred from person to person and generation to generation, they affect how we live and grow – yes, even the type of person we become.’ This book brings spiritual lessons into a daily life practical perspective. The stories will give you a new vision of how to live, but greater than that is the truths you find in the history of exemplary individuals who stood up for their beliefs, believed in their causes, and served others through the spirit of humility. Would be great for teens, young adults, students, and teachers. Douglas Feavel compiled the most useful stories in this great read.”   Amazon.com & Goodreads.com Review

“An excellent collection of absorbing stories compiled with care about people who made a positive impact on others.  I really enjoyed reading these stories and this book is without doubt, worthy of 4 stars.”   LibraryThing.com Review

“Very inspiring to know there are good people out there. Some of the stories I had heard, but many I had not. Very charming, and written for an easy and enjoyable read.”  LibraryThing.com Review

“This book was a nice surprise. It was interesting and well-written.”  LibraryThing.com Review

4 Stars:  “I enjoyed learning about the people in this book. it was interesting to see what made them who they were and how they were. A good book to read in spurts.” LibraryThing.com Review

4.5 stars:  Very enjoyable book. Contains 26 stories of various hero’s some well known (George Washington and Annie Oakley), but most were unsung heroes.  The part I enjoyed the most was the Appendices at the end of the book. Some religious views are included, but that was OK.”  LibraryThing.com Review

“The theme that runs throughout is Christ-centered and spiritual. Individual stories are written on behind-the-scenes perspectives of well-known and not so well-known men and women from history. I didn’t automatically recognize the less well-known people, although that didn’t stop me from reading. I think this book would find a good home in the libraries of Christian schools.”  LibraryThing.com Review

5 Stars: “The author, Douglas Feavel, chose a diverse group of individuals for his book, which made the reading informative and interesting. Of course, some of the characters were well-known.  It was great to meet them again, and in some cases learn a new fact or two about their life.  Others were new to me and I look forward to researching more about them.”   Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Stories start out a little dull, then end with a wonderful and powerful bang. Time varies from history to the present, and from all over the world.  Just the right length for a short read before bed.”  Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “The materials of this book suggest that the author is a deep student of character and has a firm command of his storytelling abilities….  Many of the stories, whether of well-known people or more obscure ones, show resilient people who have a strong faith in God, a willingness to forgive others of their debts and try to pay their own, a dislike of too much attention, and the courage and tenacity to overcome crippling deficits as a result of illness, deformity, injury, poverty, and abuse, without acting as if the world owed them anything regardless of how they had suffered…. His comments, when taken as a whole, show him to be far broader in his conception of morality and character than is often appreciated. Often, conservative writers are accused of the tendency of praising personal morality while ignoring social morality, but Feavel pointedly condemns the racism of Nazi Germany, the Antebellum and unreconstructed American South, and contemporary Islam, all suitable targets for a writer concerned with social injustice and immorality on a massive and ugly scale. In casting a great deal of well-placed blame on figures like Robert E. Lee and Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson for supporting an evil regime while claiming to be Christian gentlemen, the author points out that the moral character of a leader is not limited to personal morality, but also the justice of one’s causes and the regimes one supports with one’s talents and abilities. Clearly Lee and Jackson, and many others, chose wrongly, and this view of morality on the societal scale demonstrates that the author is sensitive to the larger political implications of our decisions, and has a robust if sometimes too dualistic viewpoint of good and evil on both the personal and the wider scale. This is a worthwhile book full of interesting stories, and the author is unstinting in giving credit where it is due in terms of where he encountered these stories, which will give the reader many more books to read to gather details that the author did not include in order to keep this book at a reasonable size. The author deserves considerable praise for his desire to write about those who have often been unjustly ignored, and the stories, even if sometimes a bit heavy-handed in his storytelling approach, will merit reading and retelling for a hopefully wide and appreciative audience.”  Amazon.com Review

5 Stars.  “A book to inspire all ages and a fun read too.  Douglas Feavel does an amazing job of bringing to light little-known heroes of faith and courage.  Each story is short and the book contains a wonderful variety of people and backgrounds.  All who love good stories will greatly delight in the anthology.  I want to thank Douglas for honoring some real-to-life superheroes of history and inspiring us readers.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “A really neat and interesting book.  My kids and I have really enjoyed it and have learned a lot. 5 stars.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Life Transforming! Our lives are stories in the making and that is why we love to watch movies or read books based on true stories.  Every testimony in this book about average everyday people who did extraordinary things can easily be made into a movie.  This book and these inspirational stories are worth every penny!”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Very easy reading and fun to read the different stories at different times. They are engaging and I found it impossible to put the book down until a story was finished.  5 stars.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Very impactful book to read! These stories highlight ordinary people whose stories end up amazing and inspirational. It is written in such a way for you to recall these stories and be reminded of the extraordinary events.” —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “A book to both keep for yourself and to give as a gift!  Douglas Feavel tells stories from a unique perspective. It’s from the tone of telling someone a story out loud, not reading it; but actually telling them. His ability to find real stories about real people is extraordinary — like the people he writes about in the book. I have a previous edition that was titled A Storyteller’s Anthology – 26 Inspiring Character Portraits For Our Time. Take one story at a time and you will find yourself immersed. Each story is short enough to finish in one sitting. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history or current events. Thanks so much! I had the pleasure of meeting Douglas and Barbara and look forward to hearing from them again.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Very well done! I enjoyed the emphasis on the importance of stories and how they can impact many peoples lives. Also, the importance of us taking our own stories and not thinking they are unworthy of sharing, but recognizing that God is using our lives to impact others and our stories are so valuable to be used to share the transforming power of the love of Christ. Douglas Feavel is a great storyteller and I love his passion!”   —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Uncommon Character is an easy read and full of inspiration.  Each chapter shares the story of a courageous person who risks much to serve others in need. The stories are diverse in setting and include men and women mostly from the Americas and Europe. The common ground of all the individuals are a profound faith in God and doing the right thing even when it might cost them. I found that the stories held my interest to the end. They are stories that left me with hope and a desire to make a difference in this world. They are the type of stories that I can read again and glean more insight. It is a great book to give to others and to read to your family.  5 stars.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “A fantastic book!  This book does not disappoint!  The stories are very inspiring and I appreciated reading the accomplishments of men and women who haven’t previously been in the limelight. Their stories deserve to be told, again and again. I enjoyed the author’s commentary at the end, as well.  This is a book I will keep in my library and reread from time to time – it’s that good!”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Inspiring and educational!  I really enjoyed this book. As a person who reads multiple books at a time, I liked how each chapter was its own story, meaning I didn’t have to commit to reading the whole thing at once – though once I started it didn’t take long. The stories are relevant and inspiring.  I was surprised how little I knew of the background of the participants in some of the most famous events in history. Worth picking up a copy! 5 stars.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “I am better for reading this book.  This book is well represented by its title. Each section includes a well-written description of the extraordinary actions of people with uncommon character in exceptional situations. As students, much of our required reading has a tone of negativity. This book is written with an optimistic perspective and encourages a person to resolve to have strength is the most difficult of circumstances. Well written and sorely needed content in today’s culture.” —Amazon.com Review

4 Stars: “Interesting characters and life lessons. Easy to read.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “The book consists of 26 stories, some of them parables but most of them biographical sketches, of a wide mixture of worthy and heroic people. Some of them are particularly famous: Jesus Christ, George Washington, and Ronald Reagan. Some of them are not as obscure as the author seems to think: Joseph Carey Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man, Phoebe Ann Mosey, better known as Annie Oakley, noted missionary Russell Stendal, and Rose Villand, best known for her work in preserving Europe’s artistic legacy which has appeared in films like Monuments Men.  Many of the stories, whether of well-known people or more obscure ones, show resilient people who have a strong faith in God, a willingness to forgive others of their debts and try to pay their own, a dislike of too much attention, and the courage and tenacity to overcome crippling deficits as a result of illness, deformity, injury, poverty, and abuse, without acting as if the world owed them anything regardless of how they had suffered.”  —GoodReads.com Review

5 Stars: “Refreshing peek into the lives of unsung heroes who are positive role models for us all.  Inspiring and well-written.  I have enjoyed, and at the same time been inspired by, your writing.  Great book in a time we need it the most.”  —AnekoPress.com Review

5 Stars: “Uncommon Character — a book to savor one chapter at a time.  Each featured personality has an inspiring, often surprising story and is beautifully told by the author. Informative and educational, yes.  But with insightful and little-known personal character traits and heroic actions of people, we may think we know.  I would suggest reading only the sample chapter offered by Amazon, but don’t be surprised if you find you want to read the rest of the book.  I’m eagerly anticipating Mr. Feavel’s next installment of common individuals of Uncommon Character.”  —AnekoPress.com Review

“What a beautiful gift! I recently bought your book for my 17-year-old nephew’s birthday and read the chapter on George Washington before giving it away… totally appreciated the historical accuracy and perspective. If only all students could learn truth and character. Thank you!”  —FaceBook Review

“I loved the book. Shared it with my 4th-grade mentor student.”  —FaceBook Review

“A great book that speaks to us today. It teaches, inspires, motivates and gives us hope by chronicling the actions of some of those who changed lives by acting on the foundations of their faith as presented in Scripture.”  —FaceBook Commentary

“I worked for Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship for 10 years and have always had contacts who recommended excellent resources, so that’s how I learned about your book.  I currently work as a missionary for Brothers in Blue Reentry which is a faith-based program that serves inmates in their last few years of incarceration.  We are using your book as a textbook for our Character Ninja Warrior class.  I was wondering if you would consider taping a short video to send to me with some character development ‘wisdom’ and a word of encouragement.  These men are new to the idea of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We see miraculous things happen in these men’s lives.  If the author of their textbook encouraged them, I can see it being well-received. Thank you for reading this email and for your book.  It has set the tone for our character class.  One of our members is doing a character project on ‘forgiveness’.  He has been incarcerated for 26 years, and he has decided it is time to forgive those family members as part of his character project.  He told me this in tears.”  —Outreach Report

5 Stars: “Doug Feavel has put together vignettes of 26 people who were extraordinarily accomplished in their lifetimes, along with being of uncommon moral and spiritual character.  He included well-known individuals such as George Washington, Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ, along with less famous ones like Phoebe Ann Mosley (aka Anne Oakley).  They all stood up for what was the right and moral course of action when confronted with difficult choices, along with having a solid spiritual foundation. I found these stories to be inspirational and worthy of personal emulation.”   —Amazon.com Review

4 Stars: “What a wonderful book!  Reading one story each kept me going back for more. To be able to turn to this book and know that each day I would feel encouraged by these wonderful people and their stories and how they made the world a better place, made me reflect on my own life and how I can continue to try and make the world a better place. Kudos Doug!!”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “An Excellent Read! I received this book as a gift. I’m not one to spend a lot of time reading a long book. Therefore, a book of 26 short stories was right up my alley. Mr. Feavel’s presentation of each story was written in clear, concise, and in imaginative language. I was thoroughly entertained and enlightened at the same time. An excellent read which I would highly recommend.”   —Amazon.com Review

“My wife and I are missionaries at Brothers in Blue Reentry, a one year, faith-based educational program at Lansing Correctional in Kansas.  We are using your book, “Uncommon Character”, as a text for the character building class.  We have been using many of the stories each week for further discussion and activities. Thank you for the book.”   —Outreach Report

“If (biographies of great people) is your taste, then I do recommend reading this book.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “I really enjoyed the variety of stories. The people were inspiring and challenged me to think about what I was doing with my life. It also made me grateful for the unsung heroes’ lives and their influence in their communities.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “I enjoyed the different stories some of whom I wasn’t that interested in but overall I liked the various characters.  Several things I learned about were fun to learn about.  I knew a lot about Reagan but learned a few interesting facts.  My nephew just graduated from Eureka College where our president also attended.  I’ve always enjoyed reading the inspiring story of Dave Roever.  Of course, the best was the last-Jesus Christ! He is the #1 person in history that has influenced the world.  My favorite. A+ for the book. Good job, Doug.”  —Amazon.com Review 

Uncommon Character — a book to savor one chapter at a time. Each featured personality has an inspiring, often surprising story and is beautifully told by the author. Informative and educational, yes. But with insightful and little known personal character traits and heroic actions of people we may think we know. I suggest reading the sample chapter offered by Amazon, but don’t be surprised if you find you want to read the rest of the book. I’m eagerly anticipating Mr. Feavel’s next installment of common individuals of Uncommon Character.”  —AnekoPress.com Review 

“Refreshing peek into the lives of unsung heroes who are positive role models for us all.
Inspiring and well written.”  —AnekoPress.com Review 

“I enjoy sharing your wonderful book with others– it’s truly inspiring!”  —Reader E-mail 

“I know personally your book has been an inspiration to so many.  We are so grateful to serve alongside you.”  Outreach Report 

5 Stars:  “Doug Feavel’s book has become the textbook for our in-prison education program on building character. The stories are captivating and provide us with ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives of character. Highly recommend this for leadership development training for adults of all ages. Uncommon Character is one of our highest rated training programs because of Doug’s extraordinary book.”   —Amazon.com Review 

“Great news: Yesterday, there was a huge spike of free downloads of Uncommon Character to the tune of 13,254 total free eBooks downloaded so far this month.  I don’t know how many of those were downloaded yesterday alone,  it appears nearly 12,000 downloads happened on that single day.  I don’t know the cause but suspect someone promoted Uncommon Character on their blog.  I do know that it’s exciting and worth thanking the Lord!”  —Publisher’s Update

5 Stars:  “Great book!”  —Amazon.com Review 

“I am reading your book albeit slowly!  I read it when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. I am enjoying it although it’ll take a while to get through it all. I am reading about Washington now!”   —Reader E-mail

“I have a copy of your great book on heroes.  Very inspiring.  I will write a review for the newspaper soon.  I was particularly interested in Irena Sendler.”  —E-mail from IU History Professor

“It is indeed a great pleasure to get your comments.  Never had I thought of such a connection in this manner!  Am humbled as I have much respect for the narration of your book.  Very inspirational to me I must say.  Am deeply honoured to finally been in contact with you.  I have no words to express this connection.  My next post actually is about George Washington which I read from Uncommon Character.  Am including a link to Amazon Kindle for my readers to get the full story and many others.”  —E-mail from blogger in Kenya, Africa

5 Stars:  “A good read and I hope my son will read it someday.”  —Amazon.com Review 

5 Stars:  “Purchased as a gift.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Haven’t finished it yet, but some of what I’ve read some I knew and some I didn’t… Good reading so far…Good history.”  —Amazon.com Review

4 Stars:  “Several characters whose lives affected many others in positive ways have their life stories told. From Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan to heroes from the Holocaust, causes as to their strength of character are somewhat examined. I found his observations right on.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “An inspiration read.  The book told stories of individuals from every walk of life, that were inspired in one way or another, to achieve their own personal destinies.”   —Amazon.com Review

4 Stars: “Insightful. Told me about people that I’ve never heard of, or know very little of, that have contributed to mankind.”  —Amazon.com Review

“I am at a loss when I see the great character development of these people and the lack of it in the current populations in this world. We need a regeneration of Faith.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “Truly Inspiring. How wonderful to read such a positive book. I loved how he compared everything to scripture and showed how the Lord expects us to live our lives. When Christ was introduced, I am amazed how anyone could read this section especially and not come away truly without salvation!”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Eunice Machocho, Kenya, Africa.   I love this book as it served as a great source of encouragement and inspiration at a time in my life when I needed it. Truly inspiring stories that makes one reflect of the possibility of the great impact they can bring to those around them.  Am touched by most by George Washington’s story, forever imprinted in my mind!”  —Aneko Press Review

5 Stars:  “True Heroes Do Exist.  I do a lot of serious non-fiction reading and once in a while, I need something short and uplifting to break things up. This is the book. Each chapter is about an individual whose test of courage was called in unexpected ways. In today’s media, it seems we hear little to nothing about true heroes and those making a difference helping others and this reassures me that there are good people out in the world who can make a difference.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “A Good Inspirational Read.  There are spiritual underpinnings throughout this book that cannot be understated. I like how he combined stories of people we’ve heard of with those most of us haven’t heard of. Those are no less inspiring though.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Good read, my wish would be that it had more characters.  I like the perspective point that these lives were explained.  A few were common knowledge worth a reading from a lighter history aspect.”  —Amazon.com Review

“I am at a loss when I see the great character development of the people in “Uncommon Character” and see the lack of it in the current populations in this world. We need a regeneration of Faith.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “I happened across this title while I was searching for something else on my Kindle. I was so glad I found it. My favorite section was about President Reagan and his years as a lifeguard. This book was a tremendous look at people we know but we don’t really know. I have recommended to many others, including the ladies of my book club.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars: “My best book of 2018. I couldn’t put it down. I have used this as a resource now in several countries as I’m teaching young men and women character qualities. Thank you for this great resource. This is my favorite read of 2018. I have been teaching character and speaking for over 40 years and loved this resource. I was on a 2-week bike trip with my grandsons. I told them a story from your book every nite. I just returned from a youth festival in Czech where I told one of the stories each nite for 6 nites. Thank you again!”  —Amazon.com Review & Post to Website

5 Stars: “Uncommonly excellent book. Great read, love the stories and the nice people of interest. The story form is a brilliant way to write.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Inspirational!. Every chapter is amazing. I highly recommend this book.”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Inspirational! Very enjoyable book! Easy to read, interesting true stories, inspirational!”  —Amazon.com Review

5 Stars:  “Five Stars!  Very well written and interesting. Inspiring.” —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “We received a copy of this book as a gift from a friend and after reading just the first two stories were inspired and moved to purchase a copy for a grandson. Deeply moving, inspiring, and character strengthening collection of stories.”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “Good read and a great challenge. I enjoyed reading about the character of these men and women. I work with and know men and women just like these. I loved the challenge at the end to write your life’s story.”  —Amazon.com

4 Stars:  “The author takes you through the real life of a variety of people in different times and circumstances showing them as true humans.”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “An underestimated book. So far I am loving this book. Each chapter looks at a different individual and how they became a “hero”. The people might have been ordinary but their stories are unique. These uncommon stories are brilliantly told by the author. He draws out the kind of character the person had and delves a little behind the main story. The stories are inspiring but also heavy material to digest. At this point in my reading, I’ve come to suppose that we can’t predict how we can be used by God to make a difference from the extraordinary to the ordinary. Being a hero starts with having character and having a soft heart. To look outside of ourselves and simply be willing to be used by God in whatever way He chooses. To be faithful in the small things, the everyday things helps us to be ready when we’re called. There is more I’m sure to be said on the book but I’d rather recommend that you read it yourself and see what you learn. P.S. It would be great if schools starting reading books like this!”  —Amazon.com

“I’m grateful you wrote this! It is what our nation NEEDS, as well as placement in every school!– Reader E-mail

5 Stars: “We bought this for my aunt who loves history. A great gift, and it’s a nice looking book.”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “I bought this for a nephew who likes Christian biographies and missionary biographies. He has already chosen favorite heroes from it.”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars: “One of the greatest books I’ve ever read. I wish everyone; Americans, Christians, and schools would read this fine book. I hope the author writes volume 2.”    —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “Perfect!”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars: “I found this book to be extremely interesting and informative! A necessary encouragement for a day when character is rare… I have recommended this book to both teachers and parents!!”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars:  “Good reading. Encouraging.”  —Amazon.com

5 Stars: “These stories touch the heart. It’s great to read what the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do in the lives of people from every walk of life.”   —Amazon.com

“I want to tell you how much I enjoyed Uncommon Character and was very happy to get your autograph. I loved every story; they brought back many memories of my past. Each story has a moral lesson.  Thank you.  I actually read it twice so that I didn’t miss anything.”  —Reader E-mail

4 Stars: “Some of the people I knew about, but others were new to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories. The appendices at the end of the book were interesting and helpful. A good book.”  —Amazon.com

“The author is a great writer, the stories are interesting and the characters are true heroes. There are a lot of quotes as well as good information and the chapter on Jesus is amazing.”  —Kindle Review

“I would like you to know that my mother and friends of hers have started a book club. They meet monthly to read and discuss one chapter. Would you like to know what book they are reading? Uncommon Character. I can tell you that early on, a few of the ladies had difficulty not reading ahead. One lady (who has had a challenging life) shared that her difficulties in life paled in comparison to that in Chapter Two.”   —Reader E-mail